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* piano moving  - across the room or across the country         * flat-rate pricing - no 'per step' charge                             

Serving South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, eastern TN & northern FL
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Piano Storage - Better and Cheaper than your local public storage facility
Why not store your piano in a local public storage unit?
Cleanliness - Public storage units contain the belongings of hundreds of other families. Even though they may employ                     exterminating services new boxes of personal belongings are being brought in daily. It is certain that                     undesirables such as roaches, spiders and mice are roaming freely from unit to unit. Our storage is for                     PIANOS ONLY, no other personal belongings. Your piano is stored along with our pianos in our clean,                     heated and cooled piano shop where we work daily. (click thumbnails on left to view our facility)

Ease Of Use - You will need to employ a piano mover in addition to your rental, both to move your piano in and to move                     it out. We offer piano moving, making your piano storage one seamless transaction.

Billing Policy - Your local public storage facility will bill you monthly and , if not kept current, your piano could be                     auctioned off at some point. We do not bill you monthly. Your storage fee will accrue and be billed                     yearly or upon delivery of your piano if less than one year. No monthly payment to keep up with.
How does our pricing compare with public storage?
The best reason for using Ed's Piano Service for your piano moving and storage is our pricing.  Why pay 3 times as much for piano storage? We will even move your piano to our storage facility AT LOCAL PRICING if you are in Knoxville, Greenville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Atlanta or other locations within 200 miles of Columbia, SC. 

Call Ed now for a quote 803-397-0206
We offer a clean environment for storing your piano.
Our storage is heated and cooled to a comfortable 72 degrees year-round and relative humidity of 45%, the ideal for pianos.
Your piano will be as clean and comfortable in our storage as it is in your home.
Cheaper is not always better but at Ed's Piano Service piano storage is cheaper AND better.
* piano storage - climate controlled - short or long term
* since 1978